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BULPET Faux Leather Dog Waste Dispenser/ Pet Poop Bag Holder/Key Chain and Leash Attachment/Dog gift

Обычная цена $13.98 USD
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой $13.98 USD
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This dog waste bag dispenser pouch is a perfect accessory for you when you walk, run, hike with your dog!
You can store a roll of standard pet poop bags, save time and hassle by simply pulling your next doggie poop bag from the secure holder right when you need it most. Also store the key, cash, credit card, pet treats for added, as a small zipper storage bag.
The conveniently pet waste bag dispenser is perfect for pulling out bags one by one. It holds your poop bags tightly in place until you need to use another one. Attach the dog poop bag holder to your leash and a key chain or use the hook to attach it onto your waistband or travel bag.